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Plant & Tree Relocation
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Enjoy Seamless Plant & Tree Relocation with Relocato

While moving to a new address, if you are not ready to leave your trees and plants behind then call Relocato. We provide seamless yet efficient relocation services at a market-standard cost. Plant & tree relocation belongs to our special relocation services and the moving experts at Relocato are efficient in packing and moving the plants interstate, intercity, or even at international destinations

Knowledgeable & Trained Plant Movers

Relocato’s plant moving team has the expertise in handling the flora with extreme care. We have trained and knowledgeable plant movers and packers to perform the relocation efficiently.

Temperature-Controlled Vehicles

Despite packing the plants inside breathable cartons with holes and watering systems, we use temperature-controlled vehicles to provide an amiable environment for your plants during relocation.

It might seem outlandish to many when it comes to plants and tree relocation despite moving families and offices, however, among a few good movers, Relocato stands tall by offering 100% hassle-free, safe, and ROI-guaranteed plant and tree relocation services at the said destination.

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    How does Relocato perform Plant and tree Relocation Services?

    Packing with Great Care

    Meet our plant and tree relocation experts at Relocato. We take pride in their unparalleled plant relocation services and it starts with packaging the flora collections of yours. We undergo a pre-relocation survey at your place if needed. You can also move your nursery business with us. So far, we have offered this special relocation service at various nurseries besides families and offices. You can rely upon our packaging expertise. Relocato assures you the best packaging for your plants without causing them any harm. We use boxes with holes and use watering system inside polythene bags to keep the plants hydrated throughout the relocation process.

    Uploading & Transportation

    In the next phase, we do the uploading of the packaged plants and small trees to our vans by taking minute care. Relocato has personal vans, designed to ensure the safest transportation of fragile items. The temperature inside the vehicles is also balanced according to the plants so that we can offer a breathable and amiable environment to plants for comfortable transportation. We have expert drivers who carefully drive their vehicles and after 100 km or a few more, they check the position of the packages along with the moving professionals. We have trained drivers who are asked to choose the safest and fastest roads with no blockage for a hassle-free special relocation service.

    Offloading & Unpacking

    In the final lap, our movers safely offload the packages of your plants at the new address and unpack them. You can even tell us where you want to keep those plants so that our movers can place them exactly where you want.

    Despite using our vehicles to perform special relocation services such as plant and tree relocation, we are equally comfortable transporting the boxes via air and freight ship according to the request of our clients. Our expertise will reach your expectations parameters.

    Give us a call for any query related to plant and tree relocation services. We are happy to guide you in the best possible ways.

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