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Hassle-free & Fast Relocation in Chennai by Relocato

Relocating from one place to another required expert intervention to make it simple and less stressful. Relocato is a renowned packers and movers company, ready to provide 100% hassle-free and fast relocation in Chennai.

Whether it’s about moving an individual or the whole family, we have the expertise to perform the daunting task of packing and moving with sheer skill, cutting-edge moving equipment, and technology. Chennai has a thriving economy allowing many professionals from across the country to move there for the sake of improved careers, better earnings, and a fine living.

Top Packers & Movers in Chennai

Let us shoulder your relocation hassle while you stay relaxed

We respect your time & thus promise on-time relocation whether intercity or interstate

Relocato quotes an affordable cost considering the moving job

Experience a great packing & moving experience in Chennai

Relocato is a pro in both residential and commercial moving. You can also rely on us for special relocation services including moving your pets, plants, fine arts, pianos, fragile expensive furniture, and so on. Despite sound packaging, we use our specially designed vans for safely moving the belongings. Considering the request and the type of relocation we decide whether to use air, road, or freight ship to move the belongings. However, for intercity and interstate moving, we prefer using roadways.

Why choose us?

  • Relocato is run by a group of highly skilled and experienced moving professionals. Owned by a stalwart in the relocation industry, Relocato has proved the efficiency of excellent packing and safest transportation in Chennai and other destinations on time.
  • Choose us if you want a group of trained packers to handle your precious belongings with great care while packing in high-quality cardboard boxes, plastic crates, etc. after multiple layers of bubble plastic sheet wrapping.
  • We promise the safest uploading in our personal vans, equipped with the latest packing pulling carts, dollies, and small cranes often needed to safely upload and offload the vehicle. We have foamed the walls of the vans to keep the furniture, cutleries, pianos, and other belongings protected while moving.
  • Our drivers and the moving team check the vans every 100 kilometers and also choose the smoothest roadways with the least blockages to maintain the given time we normally ask for during relocation.

Relocato is a relocation company with a great reputation and a team of versatile skills onboard. At an affordable price, we are here to move your family safely to Chennai from anywhere across the country.

How do we work?

Pre-moving survey

After we get hired for the relocation job, we fix an appointment to explore your house or office that we have to relocate. On surveying the place, we can give you the exact time and cost estimation for the service.

During this time, if you have any special relocation, let us know. Relocato is one of the best moving companies in the country to safely relocate pets, plants, artworks, or any precious and fragile item with great care.

Residential & commercial moving packaging 

Like any professional packers and movers, Relocato is also dedicated to offering the best packaging necessary while moving your furniture, books, electronics, fragile mirrors, valuables, etc.

We bring our packing stationery such as duct tape, cardboard boxes, plastic crates, bubble wrap, and stickers for labeling. We prioritize labeling as it helps during uploading in the vans. Our movers make sure that the hard boxes are beneath the fragile goods including electronics and home appliances.

Even when we are more an office, we do excellent packing of the computers, printers, and other electronics besides the furniture and plants. From dismantling the machines to packing them with proper labeling, Relocato performs exceptional commercial moving in Chennai.

Uploading & safe transportation 

Our uploading is done by trained professionals by using dollies and small cranes where needed. For relocation by road, we have our vans to perform the transportation. However, if our clients want us to use freight ship or air- we can arrange these ways of transportation after packing the belongings.

Offloading & Unpacking the boxes & packages to the said places 

After safely reaching the new address, our movers carefully offload the vans and move the boxes to the exact place our clients want to keep before unpacking them.

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