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Introducing Relocato: Your Trusted Relocation Experts

Relocato isn’t just a name; it’s a promise to transform lives and redefine the relocation experience. We understand that moving isn’t merely about changing locations; it’s about reshaping lives and lifestyles. Our commitment to being a top-tier Packers and Movers Company and Relocation Experts in India is unwavering. Navigating the complexities of full-service, cost-effective relocation while ensuring stress-free transitions for mobile employees is where we excel.

Your Partner in Every Step

We, at Relocato, center our approach on people. Our priority is ensuring that every phase of your journey is met with ease. Whether it’s facilitating goods shipping or helping families settle into new homes and schools, we’re by your side. Our services don’t just move belongings; they move lives, and we do it with care.

The Visionaries Behind Relocato

Meet the visionaries who’ve brought Relocato to life – Mr. Sumit Goyal and Ms. Shikha Goyal. These dynamic management graduates bring over a decade of experience to the relocation industry, including high-ranking roles at a global corporation. Their insight led them to establish Relocato, driven by the need for transparency, honesty, and seamless communication in an industry often marred by challenges.

A Solution for Today’s Challenges

Relocato emerged from a deep understanding of the hurdles faced in relocation. The lack of trust, communication, and genuine services led to the birth of this innovative platform. With us, you’re connected to licensed, skilled, and dependable moving companies available round the clock. Our network spans major metropolises, assuring you that every move will be backed by professionals who truly care.

Redefining Relocation

Our mission is to revolutionize the moving industry. We aim to eliminate the frustrations of outdated processes, endless phone calls, and unreliable options. Relocato simplifies everything. Say goodbye to uncertainty – our platform guarantees trusted services. When you choose us, you choose more than a Relocation Company; you choose a partner dedicated to making your transition seamless, efficient, and stress-free.

In conclusion, Relocato stands tall as a beacon of trust in the realm of Relocation Experts in India. With a focus on people, transparency, and excellence, we’re changing the way you perceive relocation. Choose Relocato, and experience a move that goes beyond packing and unpacking – it’s a journey that transforms lives.

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    To become THE trusted relocation expert of choice.


    We aim to be a market leader in Relocation driven by customers who will always recommend us.

    Our Core Values

    Carityhas four core values that are more than just buzzwords. They’re at the center of our office culture and drive our daily work.

    Security and safety

    Your belongings are safeguarded at every step, ensuring a worry-free move.


    Open lines ensure you’re informed, connected, and in control throughout the process.


    Swift responses to your needs, ensuring adaptability and a seamless moving experience.


    Our team is dedicated to respectful and professional interactions, fostering trust and comfort.


    Count on us for on-time services, honoring commitments and delivering as promised.


    We’re here when you need us, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently.

    Frequently asked questions

    Booking is easy! You can either fill out the online booking form on our website or give us a call. Our team will guide you through the process and assist with any queries.

    Safety is our priority. We use quality packing materials, secure packaging techniques, and trained professionals to handle your items with care. Additionally, our comprehensive transit risk coverage provides added protection.

    Yes, you can. Our team will provide you with regular updates on the status of your move. You can also get in touch with our customer service for real-time tracking and information.

    If you need to reschedule, please inform us as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to find a suitable alternative date and adjust the logistics accordingly.

    While we can move most items, there are certain items that may be restricted due to safety or legal reasons. Our team will provide you with a list of items that cannot be transported, ensuring a smooth and compliant move.

    Delicate and valuable items are given special attention. We use customized packing techniques, secure containers, and extra care to ensure their safe transportation. Our team is trained to handle fragile items with utmost care.

    While we strive for punctuality, unforeseen circumstances can occur. In case of delays, our team will communicate promptly, keeping you informed and updated. We’re committed to minimizing disruptions and getting your move back on track.

    Absolutely! You can choose to pack your belongings yourself, or you can opt for our professional packing services. Our team can provide you with the necessary packing materials and guidance to ensure your items are packed securely.

    We take data privacy seriously. Your personal information is treated with strict confidentiality and is only used for the purpose of facilitating your move. We adhere to industry best practices and regulations to safeguard your data.

    While we make every effort to prevent damage, unforeseen events like natural disasters or road accidents can occur. In such instances, our comprehensive transit risk coverage is there to provide protection. We’ll assist you through the claims procedure, ensuring your damaged items receive the necessary attention and care.

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