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Employee Relocation Services at Relocato

Employee relocation is mainly processed voluntarily and involuntarily. When the employees seek financial support from their companies when moving it’s a voluntary employee relocation however when the companies themselves decide to shift their chosen employees closer to the headquarters they are ready to finance the employee relocation by outsourcing the initiative to a professional moving company like us. At Relocato, we successfully performed flawless employee relocation of various companies- intercity, interstate, and in different countries.

Fastest relocation

EX Works EXW named place Incoterms® 2010 — This term may be used for either domestic or international trade.

Safe packaging & transporting

On receiving the relocation perks, call Relocato for the safest packaging and transporting intercity, interstate, or to an international destination. We provide the best moving support while you focus on your career.

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    Employee Relocation by Relocato- How it Works!

    Meet the expert logistics team

    At Relocato, meet our profoundly talented logistics team ready to accept any challenge while performing relocation of our clients. Over the past several years, our employees have worked as a team and are capable of handling multiple employee relocations at a time.

    We do the paperwork beforehand

    We process the paperwork from the companies hiring us to precede the employee relocation services. After bagging the papers from the companies we apply for the road permits. We are equally efficient in relocating the belongings of the employees via air and freight ships. For international relocation, we are well-versed in the customs rules, and regulations of any country. Besides their belongings, we also safely relocate pets, plants, cars, and bikes of the employees.

    Pre-moving survey

    We send our representatives for a pre-moving survey. It helps us to provide accurate cost and time estimation. Despite moving their office, we also perform residential relocation of the employees for which Relocato has been hired by the concerned employers.
    We also provide all-inclusive insurance for a hassle-free relocation. If our clients are interested in securing their belongings during relocation, we can guide them with the best insurance solutions.

    Employee relocation in three steps- packing, moving & unpacking

    Packing and moving the inventories is the priority of our logistics professionals. Our moving team will safely pack the office equipment inside multiple layers of high-quality bubble wrap and place them inside cardboard boxes or plastic crates filled with packaging popcorn for a secure move.

    Following the packing, labeling is done on the boxes so that during uploading the trucks, the hardy stuff stays beneath while the fragile equipment, gadgets, electronics, cutleries, mirrors, etc, stay on the upper racks.

    Our vans have foamed walls and climate control features. Therefore, the office equipment is moved safely intercity or interstate.

    For international relocation, we perform the daunting task of uploading the packages to the cargo and offloading them after landing, and safely taking them to the new address.

    For any further details about our employee relocation services, call us. Relocato is happy to answer all your queries and provide 100% customized moving services.

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