Who We Are

It's about moving people's lives and changing their lifestyles, for both the employee and clients. It can be difficult to run a full-service, cost-effective program that incorporates all of this (and more) while still providing a stress-free relocation for mobile employees. (Company's Name), on the other hand, is standing by to assist you.

At every stage of the process, we put people first. We provide the on-the-ground relocation services you can count on to help you and your mobile employees make a smooth transition – from organizing goods shipping to assisting families in finding schooling or settling into their homes.

Mr. Sumit Goyal (brother) and Ms. Shikha Goyal (sister) are two young, dynamic, and ambitious entrepreneurs and management graduates with over a decade of experience in the relocation industry, including a top position at a prominent worldwide corporation.

The Goyal siblings founded the company (Relocato) after noticing that many aspects in the relocation industry were being overlooked and that there were significant difficulties that needed to be addressed.Lack of communication, openness, and honesty, for example, are crucial ingredients in the most prevalent moving industry barriers and challenges that can harm a company's reputation and push clients to seek out other solutions. This makes it difficult for legitimate businesses to restore the trust of clients who have been defrauded or have lost valuable or crucial items during a transaction.

Relocato can be considered as a possible solution to a number of the problems mentioned above. It's a platform that lets you choose among vetted professional companies that offer top-notch services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The assurance that the reviews you see on our website are real and unbiased is one of the most significant elements of Relocato Removals. We have created a network of well-known and skilled movers despite having operations in practically every major metropolis. All of the firms are licenced, and all of the movers have extensive expertise and training.

Our objective is to change the way the moving industry operates and to eliminate the challenges and roadblocks that moving companies face today. It will be simple to schedule a relocation, and paying for a service will ensure that you get exactly what you want. There will be no more tedious phone calls, rage over emails and texts, or combing the internet for a low-cost substitute.

As a result, Relocato simply gives you a cause to work as an Authentic Relocation Service Partner.
1) Security and safety
2) Communication- No more games of hide-and-seek
3) Reactivity
4) Courtesy
5) Reliability
6) Availability

Your phone number will be needed, however it will only be used by movers on the day of the relocation. You'll be able to see how far you've come. There are no gimmicks, challenges, or waste of time. We believe it is past time to fix the industry's problems and make relocating a pleasant experience for every consumer.



Our Mission

To become THE trusted relocation expert of choice.


Our Vision

We aim to be a market leader in Relocation driven by customers who will always recommend us.


Our Core Brand Values

Human, Responsive, Meticulous. It’s who we are, and what we do.


Our company is known for the way it looks after customers. This reputation is built on over 140 years of trust and the passionate team of people that have always believed in Bournes commitment to deliver excellent customer experiences.